Nice to meet me

Seriously. It’s taken me a long time to finally shake my hand and tell myself, “nice to meet you.”

I know who I am now. It has been freeing to find my identity.

I am a lover of people. Adventure seeker. Love learning and exploring. I love every sunset and every sunrise. Boy do I love bodies of water and being in nature. I am a woman created for the purpose of worshipping God and dwelling in Him.

I was born in Guatemala and now a United States citizen.

I am a mother and once was a wife. Only 29 but have lived a lot in those short/long years. I have always been fascinated by humans, which is why I love reflecting on life. I have seen the sun shine through many dark clouds and some of those clouds were heavy and dark. I want to share how I learned to see the sunshine.

Everyone has their own passions. One of mine is to love and help others through my words and lessons I have learned in my life.

I have been itching for a long time to start writing and I just can’t keep ignoring it. I am passionate about writing, languages, and communication.

My purpose is to share my unfolding canvas so that maybe others can start seeing their life as a masterpiece in the making. It’s my desire to share hope. God is the great artist and we are his creation.

I hope you join me as the canvas before me continues to unfold.

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