The Human Transformed

Each morning is a new opportunity to see the colors transforming our story on our unfolding canvas.

We are depicted in movies as a species self-bent on its own destruction by creating divisions and destroying others in our quest to self- satisfy, but isn’t that the beauty? 

The truth that even in us, the human kind dating back to Adam and Eve, God shed his grace on us and chose to illustrate his power by transforming our sin.

If even us, humans seeking our own self glory, can choose to surrender all, sacrifice all to Him when we see and receive His love, then doesn’t that show how magnificent His love is? 

Every day that we choose to receive God’s love and Grace and surrender our will to Him, we showcase His greatness.

Every time we let our will die and let His be in lead, we grow in Him. 

And as we develop, our leaves will produce shade, our fruit will ripen and quench the thirst and feed the hungry and lost.

More and more we will become like Jesus.

This was His purpose from the beginning for us to become life givers. A gift worthy of gratitude and praise. 

Can you see it as I do now?

God the unmatched artist transforms our human frame into a living magnificent blooming tree.

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  1. That is so true. What a great precious thought you have shared. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding. We are fighting a great fight of faith not in the flesh but our faith is under attack. Lord help us to overcome.


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